Taylor Swift Dons Olaf Costume for Halloween During Tampa Concert

Posted on November 1, 2015

Taylor Swift impressed on Halloween once again this year. She dressed up as Olaf for a performance at the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa during her 1989 tour. The costume sent "Olaf" trending on Twitter.

Taylor had Frozen singer Idina Menzel on stag with her to perform "Let It Go." Taylor and Idina both removed their Frozen costumes during the performance to reveal more typical concert costumes. Taylor had a shimmering silver outfit under her Olaf costume. Taylor shared a video of her quick change in a tweet, writing "The cold never bothered me anyway."

Taylor also performed her hit song "Style" in the Olaf outfit.

Taylor revealed a teletubby costume she wore as a child earlier this week. At the time we wondered what she would be for Halloween. We have missed a hint Taylor provided in a tweet earlier this week for National Cat Day. She shared a photograph of Olivia and wrote, "With every passing day, Olivia looks less like a cat and more like a melting snowman."

Taylor's concert got high marks. The Tampa Tribune reports that there were no trick and lots of treats as Taylor delighted fans.