Terri Irwin Named Australia's Tourism Ambassador

Posted on January 15, 2007

Terri Irwin has been named as Australia's Tourism Ambassador. The appointment comes in the middle of the Australia Week festivities, which are an annual event to promote Australia to the world.
Later Irwin shed her khaki for a black gown and the seamless aplomb of the A-listers at her side for a gala that honoured Steve Irwin's memory. "I am absolutely delighted," Ms Bailey said of Irwin's decision to accept the invitation at a media conference held at lunchtime on Saturday.

Irwin's first job as ambassador, she said, would be in Toronto when the G'Day Australia bandwagon moves on to Canada from New York and the US at the end of the month. "I have to say that I couldn't think of a better person to fill this position," Ms Bailey said, shelving the expected appointment of Irwin's daughter, eight-year-old Bindi. "Terri together with Bindi has been carrying on the magnificent work that Steve has done for Australia."

The actors Russell Crowe and Naomi Watts were honoured for their achievements at the star-studded event. Crowe, who greeted Irwin with a kiss and private words of comfort, said of her: "She knows I'm there if she wants me. She can just call me, whatever it is that she might need [and] I can help her with." Asked what he thought of her appointment, he said, "It's a wonderful idea ... Given that Terri's American she has a unique way of being able to contact people and a unique experience of Australia ...
Terri looked amazing in her floor-length black gown -- it was nice to see her out of her khaki and having a good time. We think she'll do a great job promoting Australia and carrying on the work of her late husband, Steve.

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