Wear Your Remote on Your Head

Posted on February 28, 2007

Remote Wrangler

Now you will never lose your remote because it is stuck on your head. American Inventor Spot reveals an unusual way to reduce the amount of time you spend looking for that lost remote. You simply wear them on your head with a contraption called the Remote Wrangler that uses velcro to let you stick the remotes to your head. It should be easy to find your remote if it is stuck on your own head.

The product is also known as the Multimedia Remote Control Wrangler. It is reportedly made from a comfy stretchable fabric. We aren't sure bout that. It actually looks like it would be difficult to talk while wearing this. However, this might actually be good for TV watching. Imagine several people sitting around watching television while wearing these. Not only would you never lose your remote it would also be nice and quiet and you could catch every line from the TV show or movie.

What would Dr. Robert Adler have thought about the remote wrangler? A key wrangler and wallet wrangler might be useful as well. If everything is stuck to your head you will never lose it.