Who is Lonelygirl15?

Posted on September 9, 2006

Photo of Lonelygirl15 The mystery of the identity of Lonelygirl15 continues to fascinate readers and journalists alike. Who is Lonelygirl15? The L.A. Times unleashed its investigative reporters and found out some interesting tidbits.
CAA spokesman Michael Mand said he "could neither confirm nor deny" that the agency is representing whoever is behind the 27 video posts. (Other talent agencies and production companies contacted by The Times denied any connection.)


On June 16, lonelygirl15 made her first appearance in a video, titled "First Blog/Dorkiness Prevails." Dark-haired, big-eyed and pretty, she blinked nervously and hugged her knees as she described living in a small town "hours from a mall" with strict religious parents and a friend named Daniel, who she didn't like "in that way."

Over the next three months, two dozen more videos hit the Web, spaced out every few days. Bree dangled hints about her life, revealing that she had spent her youth in New Zealand, was treated for "lazy eye" and had an obsession with physicist Richard Feynman. Oblique references popped up to "my religion," which was never named but which forbade things such as attending Daniel's high school graduation party.

Fans soon started to notice jarring details. A music clip from an undiscovered L.A. band was mixed in to her well-edited montage sequences. Her room was movie-set neat. Above her bookshelf hung a photo of famed occultist Aleister Crowley. Thin already, Bree talked about an upcoming religious ceremony that she would participate in, even though it involved going on a diet.
Our verdict: she's clearly an actress and the whole thing is scripted, especially today's video where we hear her parents arguing outside her door, then she goes to try "one more time" to get them to allow her to go to the party with Daniel. She comes back and tells us that they said no, that the whole thing was "an exercise in futility."

By the way, we love it. What will happen next? What is the weird ritual she's training for? Will Daniel die first?

You can see all of her videos and judge for yourself here.