Conan Skit Pokes Fun at New Apple AirPods

Posted on September 16, 2016

This skit from the Conan show on TBS pokes fun at Apple's new AirPod technology. The wireless listening devices were announced along with the new iPhone 7 which eliminated the headphone jack.

The Conan video shows two people listening to music and dancing with their AirPods in their ears. It isn't long before the AirPods fall out. One woman loses her AirPods down a drain. She can seen going back to buy new AirPods. She continues to lose her AirPods and eventually she is just throwing money at the Apple Store employee. A dog also eats the AirPods in one seen.

The faux ad says "Wireless. Expensive. Lost." Conan says that's what's going to happen. The AirPods do cost $159 so you won't want to lose or misplace them. Take a look:

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