First Trailer for Heroes Reborn

Posted on June 25, 2015

Jack Coleman as HRG in Heroes Reborn

When Heroes hit television screens in 2006, viewers were entranced. "Save the cheerleader, save the world" -- Tim Kring's catchy theme for season one -- was everywhere. Viewers loved the show and its characters.

But somewhere along the way Kring lost his way and so did the show. The character development went off the rails. Sylar (Zachary Quinto) was evil, then he was going to be redeemed and he even got Kristen Bell as a girlfriend. Then, surprise, surprise, he's evil again. That is just one example of the major storytelling mess the show devolved into. The whole thing became so annoying we can barely remember how it ended. And don't even get us started on the time travel/alternate timeline issues.

Now Kring has been given another shot to get it right. Heroes -- along with Hiro (Masi Oka) and HRG (Jack Coleman) -- will be back, along with a new cast. In this first preview of the rebooted show called Heroes Reborn, we get glimpses of the new characters. The show is set for 13 episodes and is supposed to go back to the first season where ordinary people discover they have powers. It would be nice if they had some secrecy back. One the secret was out, the plot became a real mess and a lot of the tension left the show.

Returning characters include The Haitian (Jimmy Jean-Louis) Matt Parkman (Greg Grunberg), Mohinder Suresh (Sendhil Ramamurthy), Angela Petrelli (Cristine Rose), and Micah Sanders (Noah Gray-Cabey). New cast members include Francesca Eastwood, Noah Gray-Cabey, Ryan Guzman, Zachary Levi and Kiki Sukezane. Sadly, Zachary Quinto is not returning. Here's the first preview:

Kiki Sukezane in Heroes Reborn

Photos: NBC

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