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Welcome to the Most Watched section on Watchers Watch. Here we track the most viewed shows on streaming services, TV and cable.

The Nielsen streaming data is out for the Week of Dec 5-11, 2022. Wednesday from Netflix topped the list. It was followed by several more from Netflix including Firefly Lane, Cocomelon and Harry & Meghan. The first non-Netflix title was The White Lotus from HBO Max at #7.

The Nielsen streaming data is out for the Week of Sep. 26 - Oct. 2, 2022. Dahmer from Netflix topped the list again. It was followed by the Hocus Pocus 2 movie on Disney+. The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power was third, House of the Dragon was fourth and Netflix's Lou (2022) starring Allison Janney finished fifth.

Nielsen has released its latest streaming ratings. The most watched is Dahmer on Netflix with a big lead over Cobra Kai on Netflix. House Of The Dragon on HBO came in third followed by The Rings of Power from Prime Video. The data is for the September 19-25, 2022 week. (10-23-22)

Netflix reports in its Top Ten that Luckiest Girl Alive was the most viewed film for October 10 - 16. It was followed by The Curse of Bridge Hollow and Blackout. The Watcher was the most watched series followed closely by Dahmer: Monster. (10-20-22)

An entry on CNET ranks the most watched Netflix TV series so far using data supplied by Netflix. Squid Game has the lead with 1.65 billion hours followed by Stranger Things (season 4) with 1.35 billion hours. These are the only two series with over a billion hoours. Dahmer is in third with 824.2 million hours. (10-18-22)