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The Hunt: People hunt strangers for sport in this horror thriller from Universal Pictures. (2019-07-31)

Emma Roberts and Dave Franco Get in Trouble During a Game of Nerve: Emma Roberts and Dave Franco star in the first trailer for Nerve, based on the bestselling book by Jeanne Ryan. The online game is a series of dares which get more dangerous. (2016-05-17)

New Season of American Horror Story Gets Freaky: The new season of American Horror Story is set in a freak show in 1952. Newcomers to the cast include Matt Bomer and Patti LaBelle. (2014-09-08)

Trailer for Palo Alto Starring James Franco, Emma Roberts and Val Kilmer: Here is the first full trailer for Palo Alto, the debut film from Gia Coppola. The film is based James Franco's short stories of teen life in California and stars Emma Roberts. (2014-04-01)

Emma Roberts Arrested for Domestic Violence: Emma Roberts was arrested for domestic violence. TMZ reports that Emma's boyfriend, Evan Peters, was found with a bloody nose and bite mark. (2013-07-16)

Hannah Storm Talks With Emma Roberts: Hannah Storm speaks with Emma Roberts about her starring role as teenage super sleuth in Nancy Drew. (2007-07-03)