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Matt Damon and Pedro Pascal Join the Chinese in Fighting Dragons in Second Great Wall Trailer: Matt Damon, Pedro Pascal and Tian Jing fight major monsters in the second trailer for Yimou Zhang's The Great Wall. (2016-10-15)

Matt Damon Battles a Monster in Teaser for Yimou Zhang's The Great Wall: It's going to be epic. Matt Damon, Tian Jing, and Pedro Pascal battle a monster trying to break through the Great Wall of China. (2016-07-28)

Matt Damon Plays Box of Lies With Jimmy Fallon: Matt Damon agreed to a game of Box of Lies with Jimmy Fallon and things went surprisingly bad for him. (2016-07-28)

Full Trailer for Jason Bourne Shows Why Matt Damon is Key to the Franchise: Matt Damon is in full Bourne mode in the full trailer for Jason Bourne. The car chase is spectacular and so are Bourne's moves. (2016-04-21)

Matt Damon Returns in First Teaser for Jason Bourne: Finally. Matt Damon returns as Jason Bourne in the first teaser trailer for the film of the same name. (2016-02-13)

Matt Damon is Lost on Mars in Trailer for The Martian: Matt Damon stars as an astronaut stranded on Mars in the trailer for The Martian. Ridley Scott directed the film, which also stars Jessica Chastain. (2015-06-08)

Trailer for Neill Blomkamp's Elysium Starring Matt Damon and Jodie Foster: Here is the trailer for Neill Blomkamp's Elysium starring Matt Damon and Jodie Foster. (2013-04-09)

Contagion Posters and Movie Trailer: Contagion is a disease thriller about a killer airborne virus with some major star power, including Matt Damon, Gwyneth Paltrow, Marion Cotillard, Laurence Fishburne, Kate Winslet and Jude Law. (2011-08-15)

Matt Damon Blasts Sarah Palin: Matt Damon blasts Sarah Palin in this CBS Raw clip. (2008-09-15)

Bourne Ultimatum Crushes Competition: Matt Damon shows he has what it takes to be a top action hero: The Bourne Ultimatum crushed its competition this past weekend, making an estimated $70,181,000 with a per-theater gross of $19,175. (2007-08-06)