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Seth Meyers and Miley Cyrus Are Forced to Become Best Friends: Miley Cyrus has joined The Voice as a coach. So NBC ordered her and Seth Meyers to become best friends as part of their new policy that all their stars be get along. (2016-09-23)

Amazon Releases First Teaser Trailer for Woody Allen's Crisis in Six Scenes: Woody Allen stars in the first teaser trailer for his new Amazon comedy, Crisis in Six Scenes. Miley Cyrus co-stars in the show which is set in the 1960s. (2016-08-08)

Bock Family Creates Christmas Version of Miley's We Can't Stop: The Bock Family created a Christmas version of Miley Cyrus's hit, We Can't Stop. (2013-12-19)

Miley Cyrus to Guest Star on Two and a Half Men: Miley Cyrus is going to guest star on Two and a Half Men. (2012-09-24)

LOL Movie Poster Featuring Miley Cryus: Miley Cyrus is featured on a new poster for the film, LOL. (2012-04-30)

Miley Pole Dances, Kathy Griffin Flirts With Levi Johnston: There was one question on every one's minds after seeing the Teen Choice Awards. (2009-08-11)

Miley Cyrus Enjoys Pizza and Pasta in Rome: Miley Cyrus is in Rome eating pizza and pasta. (2009-04-20)

Disney Orders More Hannah Montana Episodes: Miley Cyrus will be Hannah Montana for a while longer. (2008-12-03)

Miley Cyrus Does Live Interview at Wal-Mart: Miley Cyrus and Wal-Mart have set up a special Soundchcek feature that has Miley Cyrus answering questions from fans. (2008-08-06)

MIley Cyrus Ridicules Fellow Disney Star: Miley Cyrus and her best friend Mandy created a new video in which they mock the voices, mannerisms and words of fellow Disney stars Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato. (2008-07-25)

Kate Perry Wants to Kiss Miley Cyrus: US Magazine says Kate Perry is behind "this summer's sexiest song. (2008-07-15)

Vanity Fair Miley Cyrus Photo Shoot Video: Vanity Fair released this video of the controversial Miley Cyrus photo shoot. (2008-05-01)

Hannah Montana Fans Are Furious: Miley Cyrus' fans are furious at her and are actually suing her fan club in a potential class action lawsuit. (2007-11-14)