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Here are the latest posts about Paris Hilton on Watchers Watch:

The Making of Repo! The Genetic Opera: Repo! The Genetic Opera already has a cult following, just from the clips shown online. (2008-10-22)

Paris Hilton's Dogs Not Eaten by Coyote: Paris Hilton's dogs are just fine. (2008-09-18)

Paris Hilton's Response to McCain Ad: Paris Hilton responds to the recent political ad from John McCain that calls Barack Obama the biggest celebrity in the world. (2008-08-05)

Paris Hilton Wants to Be Frozen With Her Pets: Paris Hilton would like to be frozen with her pets when she dies. (2007-10-22)

Paris Hilton Grilled by Letterman: Paris Hilton had a miserable time on the David Letterman Show. (2007-10-01)

Paris in Jail Music Video: In case you missed here it the extremely popular spoof of one of Paris Hilton's song that was created during her prison stay. (2007-07-22)

Paris Back in Jail: For Now: At Friday's hearing, Judge Sauer ordered Paris Hilton out of home confinement and back in jail for the full 45 days, minus 5 days time served. (2007-06-11)

Paris Gets Out of Jail: Judge May Throw Her Back In: Paris Hilton has had a really bizarre day. (2007-06-07)

Paris Hilton Goes to Jail: After walking the red carpet at the MTV Movie Awards last night (looking fabulous in a flirty black cocktail dress and cascading blond curls), Paris Hilton returned to her parents' home, then set off with her attorney to begin her jail sentence. (2007-06-04)

Paris Hilton in Tent City?: The news report below suggests that Paris Hilton could end up serving time at Tent City, which has been described as a "military camp in the desert. (2007-05-14)

Paris Files an Appeal: Paris Hilton's attorney have already filed a (warning: pdf file ahead) notice of appeal. (2007-05-07)

Paris Hilton Sentenced to 45 Days in Jail: In a shocking display of justice, a Los Angeles superior court judge sentenced Paris Hilton to 45 days in jail for violating the terms of her probation stemming from a DUI charge. (2007-05-05)

Paris Hilton May Be Facing Jail Time: Paris Hilton is in big trouble -- again. (2007-03-30)

Paris Hilton Facing Jail Time: Paris Hilton is in big trouble. (2007-03-01)

Billboard Awards Go On Without Britney or Paris: The Billboard Awards took the adage "the show must go on" to heart: tonight's show literally had no hosts at all. (2006-12-04)

Paris to the Rescue: Paris Hilton turns things around for a bullied boy in this music video. (2006-10-10)

Paris Hilton's Mother's Day Gifts Stolen: Paris Hilton had to show up empty-handed to her mother's house on Mother's Day. (2006-05-17)

Did Paris Gamble Away Her Bentley?: We're hearing conflicting reports over Paris Hilton's recent gambling spree in which allegedly she lost her $150,000 Bentley in a poker game. (2006-04-25)

Paris Hilton's Storage Locker Blues: It looks like the original story about Paris Hilton's storage locker being broken into isn't exactly accurate. (2006-02-06)

The Deposition of Paris Hilton: TMZ tracked down a copy of the transcript of the deposition of Paris Hilton, and it's a doozy. (2006-01-23)