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Tom Brady Appeals Four Game Deflategate Suspension: Tom Brady appeals his four game suspension for involvement in Deflategate. Meanwhile, the Patriots say the texts were not about deflating footballs. (2015-05-14)

Tom Brady Says He Did Not Deflate Footballs: Tom Brady say he does not deflate footballs. He says he believes in fair play. (2015-01-23)

Tebow Faces Tom Brady on Saturday. Will He Fumble Again?: Tom Brady was much better than Tim Tebow, the overrated Broncos quarterback, in the December meeting between the Patriots and Broncos. (2012-01-10)

Tom Brady Loses Game for Patriots, Throws Four Interceptions: Tom Brady failed in Sunday's game against the Buffalo Bills. (2011-09-25)

Tom Brady Throws For Over 500 Yards in Victory Over Miami: Patriots quarterback Tom Brady threw for 517 yards Monday night to defeat the Miami dolphins. (2011-09-13)

Tom Brady is Out and Matt Cassel is In For the Patriots: New England Patriots star quarterback Tom Brady is out for the season with a left knee injury. (2008-09-08)