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Here are the latest posts about Victoria Beckham on Watchers Watch:

Victoria Beckham Loves Ugly Betty: Here's a photo of our beloved Posh Spice aka Victoria Beckham when she guest stars on Ugly Betty in an upcoming episode. (2007-10-13)

Spice Girls Add More Concert Dates: A new promotional photo of the Spice Girls has been released and our beloved Victoria is clearly at the top of her game - and the photo! Everyone but Victoria looks airbrushed to death, but they look fabulous. (2007-07-27)

Victoria Beckham Comes to America: We tuned into the Victoria Beckham NBC special last night. (2007-07-17)

Victoria Beckham Jeans Venture Terminated: Gatecrasher reports that the behind the scenes goings on at the Rock and Republic/Victoria Beckham denim collaboration were chaotic. (2007-06-18)

David Beckham's Happy Birthday Shopping Spree: Victoria Beckham treated husband David to a wild shopping spree in London for his 32nd birthday. (2007-05-03)