SNL Parodies Drake's Hotline Bling Video, Donald Trump Dances and Raps

Posted on November 8, 2015

When Drake released his video for "Hotline Bling" it ignited a torrent of memes and gifs focusing on Drakes' incredibly dorky dance moves. Was Drake trolling us? Is it meta? Is is serious? Now Saturday Night Live has done a hilarious parody of the video with Jay Pharoah as Drake.

He dances in various rooms with a chorus of women in a call center singing back up. He sings to his haters, "I know you make fun of my dance moves/Turn me into memes and GIFs/But I'm proud of my dance moves/'Cause lots of people dance like this." His dance moves now have names like the sneaky fish and the Miracle Whip.

These are just two of the amazing moves that are easily replicated by other men who have zero rhythm, such as your dad (Blake Bennett), your physics teacher (Taran Killam) and your tax lawyer (Donald Trump). Martin Short returns as Ed Grimley, who accuses Drake of ripping of his signature moves.

Trump is hilarious as the tax lawyer dancing awkwardly. He even sings a bit and fits right in with Bobby Moynihan, Killam, Bennett, Short and Pharoah. We have no idea what Drake thought about this video, but surely even he will laugh because it's a scream. Take a look:

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