SNL: Julia Louis-Dreyfus Announces the Mercedes AA Class Electric Car

Posted on April 17, 2016

Julia Louis-Dreyfus hosted Saturday Night Live last night and did a very funny faux commercial for the new Mercedes, which is the first electric luxury sedan to run on individual batteries. The new all electric Mercedes AA class runs on 9,648 double A batteries. It has zero emissions and can reach a top speed of 52 miles an hour.

And don't worry about changing all those batteries. The car has a "ribbon release auto-dump" feature. All you do is pull the ribbon and thousands of batteries come pouring out of the sides of the car. The commercial is done just like all the luxury auto commercials -- with extreme gravitas. She even quotes the fantastic reviews and a AA+ Plus grade from Batteries magazine.

No more plugs, no more charging stations. The car has standard curtain airbags, and our favorite feature -- touch screen keeps you constantly informed how every single battery is doing. Sadly, batteries are not included with the purchase of the car. But not to worry -- there is ample trunk space to store extras.

You can watch the funny video on

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