Kristen Stewart and Vanessa Bayer Find Love in Totino's Pizza Rolls Ad Spoof

Posted on February 5, 2017

Vanessa Bayer has had a string of very funny faux ads for Totino's Pizza Rolls on Saturday Night Live. The loyal wife always is stuck in the kitchen making snacks for "her hungry guys" who continually demand treats and holler at the tv. This latest commercial is the funniest one yet.

The wife is dutifully doing her schpiel about how great Totino's treats are for the big game when another one of her husband's (Blake Bennett) friends shows up. He brought his sister with him, played by Kristen Stewart. One look and the two fall in love immediately. Suddenly they are giving each other longing looks over the tray of Totino's.

Her husband yells out wanting to know where the Totinos are and what is taking so long. "Hey are you guys making out in there or something???" he laughs. Why yes, they are. In fact they are not speaking French and using the Totino's in a way that has never yet been shown in any commercial in the USA. Kristen Stewart is absolutely hilarious in the spoof. Ah, l'amour.

Totino's rolled with the joke, tweeting, "Hey, it's like we always say: pizza rolls, not gender roles. #SNL @nbcsnl" The weird thing about this spoof is how much it made us want to go buy a box of them. Take a look:

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