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Robot Mouth Sings Trolololol Song (2010-04-24): Video footage of a creepy robot mouth has been modified so that it sings the trololololol song.

The iPad: Will it iBlend? (2010-04-11): Blendtec turns the the iPad into the smoke monster from Lost.

Theater Owners Scramble to Add More 3-D Screens For Holiday Films (2009-10-30): Theater owners are working hard to ensure they have enough 3-D screens in time for the holiday movie fare, such as James Cameron's hotly anticipated SF film Avatar.

Pancake Production to a Techno Beat (2009-10-01): It doesn't get much better than industrial robotic pancake production with a techno soundtrack but this video also has a cool British voice explaining the process.

Internet People 2 (2009-08-31): How many Internet celebrities do you know? This video was created as a sequel to Dan Meth's Internet People.

Profile Pic Song (2009-08-03): Some people do change their profile pic a lot.

The Nano Song (2009-02-24): Here's a fun song that explains nanotechnology.

Hard 'N Phirm CES Music Video (2009-01-09): Chris Hardwick and G4TV offer a country music spin on the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

Master of the Internet (2008-12-15): Here's a hilarious spoof of Internet commercials from the 90s.

Android Rap Song (2008-10-21): The Android G1 Phone songs are already starting.

Apple Targets Microsoft's Ad Spending (2008-10-20): Apple comes back against Microsoft's recent Vista advertising campaign with this clever ad that says Microsoft is investing all its money in advertising instead of "fixing" Vista.

Digital Conversion PSA (2008-10-18): Here's a PSA about the upcoming tv conversion from analog to digital.

YouTube Goes Long (2008-10-10): YouTube has announced that it will begin playing full episodes of tv shows, not just clips.

The Twitter Song (2008-09-30): "You're No One If You're Not On Twitter" Why aren't you on Twitter yet? And, if you are on Twitter aren't you following Video Nacho's Twitter.

Professor Wikipedia (2008-09-24): Lectures from Professor Wikipedia are very confusing.

Obama Ad Notes McCain Can't Use a Computer (2008-09-13): This political ad approved by Barack Obama attacks John McCain for his inability to use a computer.

Large Hadron Rap (2008-09-11): There is concern that CERN's Large Hadron Collider could create a small man-made black hole that eats the Earth.

Beijing's Olympic Pool: The Water Cube (2008-08-18): Meet Beijing's amazing olympic pool: the Water Cube.

Radiohead: House of Cards (2008-08-06): Here's Radiohead's "House of Cards" music video that all the blogs have been buzzing about.

BMW GINA Light Visionary Model (2008-06-17): Chris Bangle explains the innovation behind the amazing looking BMW GINA Light Visionary Model.
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