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Microsoft Bob Makes Worst Tech Products List (2006-06-28): A hideous Microsoft software package called Microsoft Bob has made PC World's list of the 25 worst tech products of all time.

Martha Stewart Starting Social Networking Site: Terrified (2006-05-25): Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia announced is diving into the online social network business: the company is starting social networking site like MySpace.

Joining The Compact and Opting Out of Consumerism (2006-03-23): USA Today reports on a growing trend where people join The Compact.

Emotion-Sensing Computer Feels Your Pain (2006-02-16): The Discovery Channel reports that scientists are working on a computer that uses emotion-sensing technology to notice when you are feeling frustrated.

iTunes and Privacy Issues (2006-01-16): The BBC reports on the iTunes controversy: bloggers discovered that a feature on iTunes was tracking user information without disclosing the info to users.

MIT Scientists Create Robot Snail (2005-12-14): Scientists are making progress on the ultimate goal of having a robot match for every creature on Earth.

Female Androids Hit Japan (2005-07-28): The BBC reports that Japanese scientists are once again leaving the U.

The Alarm Clock that Runs Away (2005-06-27): There may soon be an alternative for those of you who abuse the snooze button on your alarm clock.

The Robotic Super Suit (2005-06-13): Japan just won't stop with the robot revolution.

The Singing Park Benches (2005-06-12): A new art project in England is placing seemingly intelligent bins and benches in a public area in The Junction at Cambridge University.

High Def TV: A Movie Star's Nightmare? (2005-06-11): About 18 million people in the U.

Advertisers Hope Neuromarketing Answers Their Dreams (2005-06-06): Scientists are now scanning the brain to find more effective ways to influence your purchasing decisions. Just great! Not!

Robot Doctors Are Here (2005-05-19): Apparently, England is miles ahead of the U.

Earn Your Way to Being a Couch Potato (2005-05-18): Health experts in Britain think that British children are way too fat and watch too much TV.
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