Tom Hardy Gets Dangerous in FX's Upcoming Series Taboo

Posted on February 26, 2016

Tom Hardy in Taboo

Tom Hardy is a very dangerous man in the trailer for the upcoming FX series Taboo. Created by Hardy, Ridley Scott and Steven Knight, the series is set in 1814. Hardy plays James Keziah Delaney a young man who is believe to be dead. He returns to London from Africa to claim his inheritance after his father dies. Delaney has lots of secrets and some very mysterious things happened to him during his decade long adventure.

Now he's back and he's decided not to sell his father's shipping company to the East India Company. It appears that his father was murdered and Delaney is determined to get ot the bottom of it. He's also determined to rebuild his father's shipping empire. He warns his competitors that he is a dangerous man -- and we believe him.

Delaney's return and refusal to sell garners him quite a set of enemies. To make things worse the war of 1812 between America and England is raging, making the shipping business even more dangerous. So what happened to Hardy's character in Africa? His mysterious tattoos give a hint that it may something quite bizarre.

The show will premiere in 2017 on FX, although they haven't yet set the premiere date. The show is set for an 8 episode first season, and it's unclear if it will be a one off or a springboard for more episodes. In any event, the trailer is fantastic and we can't wait to see it. Take a look:

Photo: FX Networks