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Here are the latest posts about skits and interviews from late night television programs.

Seth Meyers and Miley Cyrus Are Forced to Become Best Friends: Miley Cyrus has joined The Voice as a coach. So NBC ordered her and Seth Meyers to become best friends as part of their new policy that all their stars be get along. (2016-09-23)

Priyanka Chopra and Jimmy Fallon Bob for Apples: Priyanka Chopra agreed to bob for apples to celebrate the first day of fall. She'd never done it, but she destroyed Jimmy Fallon in the contest. (2016-09-22)

Michelle Obama and Seth Meyers Give College Freshmen Advice: Michelle Obama and Seth Meyers traveled to Howard University to meet some freshmen and give them some advice. Mrs. Obama's advice was excellent. Seth's was terrible. (2016-09-13)

Stephen Colbert Explains What Donald Trump Did During His Two Week Vacation: Stephen Colbert was gone for two weeks and he recapped what Trump did the two weeks he was gone. (2016-08-23)

Will Smith Makes a Fabulous Entrance Onto the Tonight Show Stage: Will Smith likes to really make an entrance. In fact he makes as many entrances as it takes to really get it right. Even if it means riding a unicorn. (2016-07-29)

Matt Damon Plays Box of Lies With Jimmy Fallon: Matt Damon agreed to a game of Box of Lies with Jimmy Fallon and things went surprisingly bad for him. (2016-07-28)

Kristen Stewart Plays Jell-O Shot Twister With Jimmy Fallon: Kristen Stewart wore jean shorts to play a round of Jell-O Shot Twister with Jimmy FAllon. (2016-07-12)

Weird Al Performs Word Crimes on Stephen Colbert: Weird Al performed his entertaining song Word Crimes on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. (2016-05-23)

Stephen Colbert Performs New Eurovision Song: Stephen Colbert performed a new Eurovision song on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert (2016-05-18)

Melissa McCarthy Battles Jimmy Fallon in Lip Sync Battle: Melissa McCarthy went head to head with Jimmy Fallon in a new lip sync battle. Melissa covered DMX's X Gonna Give it to Ya. (2016-04-10)

Stephen Colbert Bids Farewell to Ben Carson: Stephen Colbert bids farell to Ben Carson in his latest entry in the Hungry for Power Games. (2016-03-09)

Christina Aguilera and Will Ferrell Dance and Sing About Their Tight Pants: Christina Aguilera and Will Ferrell challenged Jimmy Fallon to a tight pants dance off. (2016-02-17)

Jeb Bush Gets Version of USA Freedom Kids on Jimmy Kimmel: Jeb Bush received a supportive song from the Number One America Liberty Children and Vanessa Hudgens. (2016-01-21)

Adele Plays Box of Lies With Jimmy Fallon: Adele did her best to lie to Jimmy Fallon during a game of Box of Lies. It was a hard fought battle. (2015-11-24)

Daniel Radcliffe and Jimmy Fallon Play Water War: Daniel Radcliffe gets soaking wet before his Victor Frankenstein premiere after a game of Water War with Jimmy Fallon. (2015-11-11)

Bryan Cranston and Stephen Colbert Think Deep Thoughts: Bryan Cranston and Stephen Colbert stare at the stars and ponder the mysteries of the universe in Big Questions With Even Bigger Stars. (2015-11-06)

Stephen Colbert Gives Webb and Chafee a Power Games Sendoff: Stephen Colbert gave Webb and Lincoln Chafee candidates from District Democrat a Hungry for Power Games sendoff. (2015-10-27)

Jimmy Fallon Explains How He Injured His Other Hand: Jimmy Fallon now has two injured hands. He explained how he cut his right hand while accepting the Elmo Award from the Harvard Lampoon. (2015-10-27)

Olivia Wilde Takes the Actathalon Challenge: Olivia Wilde took Seth Meyers' acting challenge and nailed it. She had to run all over the studio and act out various scenarios while being judged. (2015-10-13)

Seth Rogen, Steve Wozniak and Jimmy Fallon Play True Confessions: Steve Wozniak, Seth Rogen and Jimmy Fallon try to fake each other out with wild confessions on The Tonight Show. (2015-10-03)