Viral Videos: Page 2

This is page 2 of the viral videos coverage from Watchers Watch

John Reznikoff's Collection of Golden Locks (2008-11-21): John Reznikoff gave the Wall Street Journal a tour of his large collection of the hair of celebrities and historical figures.

YouTube Goes Long (2008-10-10): YouTube has announced that it will begin playing full episodes of tv shows, not just clips.

Stephen King's N is Here (2008-08-08): A series of video episodes based on a Stephen King story debuted recently online.

Puppy Vs. Robot! Epic Battle For Territorial Domination (2008-02-12): The video contains the battle between a brave puppy and a Roboquad robot set in "autonomous" mode.

Leave the AMPTP Alone! (2007-11-15): Here is a new Writers Strike video from the Colbert Report writers and United Hollywood.

The Voices of Uncertainty Seem Awfully Certain About Web Profits (2007-11-13): The AMPTP says that the future of the Internet is just too uncertain for them to agree to share any revenues with the writers.

Live Earth to Be Biggest Concert in Earth's History (2007-07-06): Be sure to tune in to the fabulous concerts that former Vice President Al Gore has spent so much time organizing.

iTunes and Sundance Team Up For $1.99 Downloads (2007-01-12): iTunes and Sundance have inked a deal whereby viewers can download from iTunes many of the 71 live-action and animated shorts movies being shown at the Sundance Film Festival.

OfficeMax Helps Transport Huge Rubberband Ball to Chicago (2006-11-27): OfficeMax recently sponsored the transfer of a giant rubberband ball containing 175,000 rubberbands from a guy's garge in Oregon to downtown Chicago where the rubberband ball was certified as the World's Largest Rubberband Ball by Guinness World Records.

Google Wants Your Break-Up Videos (2006-05-18): Google has an interesting promotion for the movie, The Break Up starring Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston.
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