SNL Faux Netflix Commercial Video Mocks Massive Show Lineup

Posted on December 3, 2018

SNL had a hilarious skit Saturday night that poked fun at Netflix. The faux commercial says Netflix is spending billions of dollars to make "every show in the world."

The goal at Netflix is to have an endless scroll so that by the time you hit the end of the show list there will already be new shows at the top. The faux commercial says one of the new Netflix shows for 2019 will be Saved by The Crown, a spin-off featuring Claire Foy.

The Netflix ad also shows a pitch meeting where a pitch for a new TV show is nearly instantly approved without even hearing the entire pitch. The woman says, "So, this show is about a girl named Jenny" and the Netflix executive starts throwing money at her to make it. Netflix even made all the fake movies from Entourage.

Netflix does have a lot of programming with new shows seeming to appear daily. At the same time, Netflix recently canceled three very good Marvel shows.

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