Middle-Aged Women Are Stealing Life-Size Edward Cullen Cutouts from Nordstrom's

Posted on October 27, 2009

Ted Casablanca reports that Nordstrom is complaining about middle-aged women coming into the store and stealing their life-size cutouts of Twilight characters Edward and Jacob.

"We can't keep them in the store. People keep coming in and stealing Rob and Taylor! And it's usually middle-aged women."

A Nordstrom employee regarding the life-size New Moon cardboard cutouts of Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner, promoting a New Moon fashion line.

It seems like it would be pretty obvious if someone was trying to steal one of these. The cutouts retail for $33 each according to Nordstrom's website. You have to wonder about the security in the store if life-sized Robert Pattinson cutouts are vanishing on a regular basis.

What is certainly true is that Nordstrom is among many retailers trying to lure Twilight fans into its stores with its wide array of New Moon merchandise. They are carrying Twilight jewelry, apparel, charm bracelets, lip balms, earrings and more.

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