New on Prime Video

Here are some of the new shows and movies on Amazon's Prime Video.

The Rings of Power - September 2, 2022

This Amazon Original is a new fantasy series set in J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-earth. It features an ensemble cast of characters confronting the emergence of a new evil. The journey includes the Misty Mountains, Numenor, Lindon and more.

Syndrome K - August 16, 2022

Syndrome K is the true story about a highly contagious, highly fictitious disease created by three Roman Catholic doctors during the Holocaust to hide Jews from the Nazis.

The Terminal List - July 1, 2022

Chris Pratt and Taylor Kitsch star in this thriller. Pratt plays a former Navy SEAL officer investigating the mysterious ambushing of his entire SEAL platooon. The series is based on a Jack Carr novel. Constance Wu and Riley Keough also star.

Night Sky - May 20, 2022

A retired couple (played by Sissy Spacek and J.K. Simmons) have a Chamber buried in their backyard that leads to a strange deserted planet. Their lives are upended when a stranger visits them about the mysterious Chamber.