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  • Amazing 3D Cat Billboard in Tokyo
  • An amazing 3D cat billboard is getting the attention of many onlookers in Tokyo. The giant cat pops into view every few minutes. The monster kitty also meows as it looks down at the crowd. It looks like something from Bladerunner but without the ominous urban background.

  • A Quiet Place Part II Tops Memorial Day Box Office
  • A Quiet Place Part II dominated the box office over Memorial Day. The film made $47 million over the weekend and over $57 for the long weekend.

  • SNL Rap Video Weird Little Flute Features Kid Cudi
  • SNL debuted an entertaining new rap music video this weekend called "Weird Little Flute." The video stars Kid Cudi, Pete Davidson and Chris Redd.

  • Godzilla vs. Kong Tops Box Office
  • Godzilla vs Kong is a big hit. It topped the U.S. box office for the Easter weekend and made $48.5 million for the five day period. The high gross was the first normal-like box office recorded since the Covid-19 pandemic began last year.

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