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Here are the latest posts about SNL on Watchers Watch:

SNL Parodies LiMu Emu and Doug From Liberty Mutual: SNL had a hilarious Cut for Time sketch starring Shane Gillis as Doug from Liberty Mutual. (2024-02-28)

Taylor Swift Destroys Please Don't Destroy in Three Sad Virgins: Taylor Swift appeared in a skit with Pete Davidson. They performed a song about Please Don't Destroy called Three Sad Virgins. (2021-11-16)

SNL Rap Video Weird Little Flute Features Kid Cudi: SNL has a new video featuring Kid Cudi called Weird Little Flute. It celebrates the flute and its use in hip hop. (2021-04-12)

Eminem Makes Cameo in SNL's Fun Stan Parody Called Stu: SNL has created a Christmas version of Eminem's Stan called Stu. Eminem even makes a cameo. (2020-12-07)

SNL Parodies Hasbro's Bop It Game with Darkly Funny Boop-It Skit: SNL created a funny skit that parodies Hasbro's Bop It toy. The skit takes a dark turn when a dad become obsessed with the game. (2020-03-07)

Jason Momoa Stars in SNL GE Big Boys Skit: Jason Momoa starred in a funny SNL skit poking fun at old timey appliance ads. The GE Big Boys appliances are made for men to do the housework. (2018-12-09)

SNL Faux Netflix Commercial Mocks Massive Show Lineup: SNL poked fun at Netflix with a faux commercial that mocks them for producing an insane amount of programming. (2018-12-03)

SNL Mocks Presidential Alert with Emergency Alert Skit: SNL mocked President Trump's new Emergency Alert system with its Emergency Alert skit. In it people (2018-10-11)

Where's Kanye? SNL Pokes Fun at Kendall Jenner and Kanye West: SNL poked fun at Kendall Jenner and Kanye West in a skit advertising the new E! lineup. The funniest skit was called Where's Kanye? (2017-10-08)

Ryan Gosling Stars in Levi's Woke Fauxmercial Skit on SNL: Ryan Gosling stars in SNL's Levi's Work skit. The jeans are style-neutral. (2017-10-01)

SNL Cartier Luxury Fidget Spinner Commercial: SNL featured an ad for a Cartier Fidget Spinner on SNL last night. Fidget Spinners are a current toy fad. (2017-05-21)

Melissa McCarthy is Sean Spicer in Easter Bunny Costume on SNL: Melissa McCarthy returned to do her amazing Sean Spicer impression. Spicer wore an Easter Bunny costume. (2017-04-16)

Jimmy Fallon is Jared Kushner for SNL Cold Open: Jimmy Fallon plays Jared Kushner during the SNL Cold Open. Alec Baldwin returned as President Trump (2017-04-16)

Kristen Stewart and Vanessa Bayer Find Love in Totino's Pizza Rolls Ad Spoof: Kristen Stewart and Vanessa Bayer find love at first sight over a roll of Totino's Pizza Rolls in this hilarious SNL ad spoof. (2017-02-05)

A Shirtless Vladimir Putin Shimmies Down Trump's Chimney in SNL Cold Open: A shirtless Vladimir Putin comes out of the chimney on SNL's hilarious cold open. It's Christmas at Trump Tower and the Russian leader has a great gift for Trump. (2016-12-18)

Emma Stone Sings About a Regifted Christmas Candle on SNL: Emma Stone, Aidy Bryant and Kate McKinnon star in a hilarious SNL video about the Christmas Candle that is regifted around the world. (2016-12-04)

SNL Spoofs Third Presidential Debate: SNL spoofed the third and final presidential debate between Hillary Clinton (Kate McKinnon) and Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin). (2016-10-24)

Drake Raps About His Anger at His SNL Co-Stars in Drake's Beef: In Drake's Beef Drake raps about his fury at his SNL castmates as he imagines they are disrespecting him. Note: never touch Drake's hat, for any reason (2016-05-15)

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Stars in SNL Pool Boy Skit: Julia Louis-Dreyfus stars in the SNL skit called Pool Boy. She plays a married woman having an affair with the pool boy played by Peter Davidson. (2016-05-08)

SNL: Brie Larson Tries to Avoid the Mom Haircut : SNL host Brie Larson stars in a hilarious sketch called Baby Shower. The other moms warn her the the dreaded mom haircut will happen to her, but she doesn't believe them. (2016-05-08)