Jimmy Fallon is Jared Kushner for SNL Cold Open

Posted on April 16, 2017

Jimmy Fallon played President Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner in the SNL Cold Open last night. Alec Baldwin returned as President Trump and the Grim Reaper was back to portray Steve Bannon. The skit was set in the oval office of the White House.

Fallon wore the same outfit Kushner was mocked on social media for wearing during his recent visit to Iraq. Kushner wore flak jacket over his blazer and khaki pants. He also wore sunglasses. Kushner's flak jacket had his name tag on it and so did Jimmy Fallon's.

The skit also played on recent reports that Kushner and Bannon have been quarreling. The White House battle has not played out well for Bannon who appears to have taken a back seat to Kushner in influence over White House policies.

Vice President Pence (Beck Bennett) reads a list of Trump's accomplishments. It is a short list - there is just one entry. Trump (Baldwin) conducts a reality-show like decision to determine whether Kushner or Bannon will get to stay on as his chief adviser.

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