Heart of the the Hunter Tops Netflix Most Watched Movie List

Posted on April 6, 2024

Heart of the the Hunter was the most popular movie on Netflix for the week ending March 31, 2024. The South African thriller follows a retired assassin (Bonko Khoza) who returns to action after a government conspiracy is revealed to him by the daughter of an old friend.

Heart of the Hunter was followed by Irish Wish and Damsel, which both topped Netflix's most watched lists in previous weeks.

The Accountant, an entertaining 2016 thriller starring Ben Affleck, came in fourth.

#FilmWeeks in Top 10Hours ViewedRuntimeViews
1Heart of the Hunter119,700,0001:4711,000,000
2Irish Wish316,400,0001:3410,500,000
4The Accountant113,200,0002:086,200,000
5The Casagrandes Movie26,100,0001:254,300,000
7On the Line26,600,0001:443,800,000
8Peter Rabbit 215,800,0001:343,700,000
9The Equalizer 346,600,0001:493,600,000
10Mending the Line16,900,0002:023,400,000

Here's the Heart of the Hunter trailer.

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