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Here are the latest posts about Donald Trump on Watchers Watch:

SNL Mocks Presidential Alert with Emergency Alert Skit: SNL mocked President Trump's new Emergency Alert system with its Emergency Alert skit. In it people (2018-10-11)

Jimmy Fallon is Jared Kushner for SNL Cold Open: Jimmy Fallon plays Jared Kushner during the SNL Cold Open. Alec Baldwin returned as President Trump (2017-04-16)

Bro4 to Perform at Downsized White House Easter Egg Roll: An unknown band named Bro4 will perform at the 2017 White House Easter Egg Roll (2017-04-14)

Donald Trump Runs Out of Custom Gold-Plated Signing Pens: President Donald Trump is running out of the custom-made gold-plated signing pens he uses to sign all of his executive orders. (2017-02-17)

Madonna Talks Donald Trump, Art and Expression With Harper's Bazaar: Madonna talks about Donald Trump, art and more in the February 2017 issue of Harper's Bazaar. (2017-01-27)

Donald Trump Mocks Arnold Schwarzenegger for Low Celebrity Apprentice Ratings: Celebrity Apprentice got off to a bad start ratings wise and Donald Turmp mocked Arnold Schwarzenegger for it on Twitter. (2017-01-06)

A Shirtless Vladimir Putin Shimmies Down Trump's Chimney in SNL Cold Open: A shirtless Vladimir Putin comes out of the chimney on SNL's hilarious cold open. It's Christmas at Trump Tower and the Russian leader has a great gift for Trump. (2016-12-18)

Tic Tac Condemns Trump's Vulgar Comments: Tic Tac has released a statement condemning trumps lewd comments in a tape with Billy Bush. (2016-10-08)

Donald Trump Says Jeb Bush Threatened to Moon Everyone at GOP Debate: Donald Trump brough up Jeb Bush's recent threat to moon everyone at the latest GOP debate. (2016-02-13)

SNL Parodies Drake's Hotline Bling Video, Donald Trump Dances and Raps: SNL took aim at Drake's Hotline Bling video which contains some amazingly dorky dance moves. Jay Pharoah, Donald Trump and Martin Short bust a move in the hilarious video. (2015-11-08)

Larry David Heckles Donald Trump During SNL Monologue: Larry David heckled Donald Trump during Trump's Saturday Night Live monologue. Larry explained he was told he'd get $5,000 to yell Trump was a racist. (2015-11-08)

Donald Trump Tries on Sia's Wig in New SNL Promo: Donald Trump is hosting SNL tonight and his supporters and detractors will both be out in full force. Meanwhile Trump tried on Sia's amazing wig. (2015-11-07)

Donald Trump to Host Saturday Night Live: Donald Trump will be the host of Saturday Night Live on Novmeber 7th. Sia will be the musical guest. (2015-10-13)

Hillary Clinton Impersonates Donald Trump on SNL as Val the Bartender: Hillary Clinton played a bartender named Val who serves Hillary Clinton as played by Kate McKinnon. She did a pretty good Trump impersonation and sang Lean on Me. (2015-10-04)

Donald Trump Approves of Taran Killan's Impersonation of Him: Donald and Melania Trump were played by Taran Killam and Cecily Strong in the cold open of the SNL season premiere. Taran did a good impression, even Trump liked it. (2015-10-04)

Josh Groban Sings Donald Trump Tweets on Jimmy Kimmel: Singer Josh Groban sang a selection of Donald Trump tweets for Jimmy Kimmel Live. (2015-08-31)