Donald Trump Tries on Sia's Wig in New SNL Promo

Posted on November 7, 2015

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is hosting Saturday Night Live and the show is said to be on high alert for hecklers. One group has reportedly offered a cash bounty for interrupting the show.

Several groups have called for NBC to disinvite Trump as host, but Lorne Michaels is not backing down. Eva Longoria made a statement that SNL can have whomever it likes on to host and that those that don't like it should change the channel.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton appeared in a lengthy sketch on SNL a few weeks ago, although she didn't actually host the show. Generally, SNL and presidential politics go together like pancakes and syrup. Even Al Sharpton hosted SNL when he was running for president.

Trump is ready to go and recently tweeted, "They are saying that tickets to tonight's Saturday Night Live are the hardest to get in the history of this great show! Off to a good start!" This is going to be the highest rated SNL in a long time. Those that love Trump, those that can't stand him and those that are curious will all tune in -- at least for the monologue. Trump said he vetoed a couple of sketches for being too racy -- after all, that doesn't play well in Iowa.

In a clip called "The Boardroom" from when Trump hosted the show in 2014. It features Fred Armisen as George Ross and Amy Poehler as Carolyn Kepcher (Amy Poehler), Trump's original advisers on The Apprentice. They're supposed to be debating who goes to the suite -- Maya Rudolph or Rachel Dratch -- but instead they launch into their band practice for the upcoming Battle of the Bands. Trump reveals that he is the real musical genius behind the band when Fred missed a chord and the correct harmony.

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