Donald Trump to Host Saturday Night Live

Posted on October 13, 2015

Donald Trump during SNL 2004 hosting

Donald Trump will be the host of Saturday Night Live on November 7th. The real estate mogul and GOP presidential frontrunner will take center stage on the live comedy show, with Sia as the musical guest.

Trump is currently leading GOP field by a large percentage. His entry into the presidential race torpedoed the campaigns of Rick Perry and Scott Perry, and has thrown a major monkey wrench into Jeb Bush's plans to be the frontrunner.

Hillary Clinton appeared in a sketch during the Saturday Night Live season premiere, so it seems obvious that Trump intends to one-up her by hosting the entire show. This isn't Trump's first time at hosting. He hosted the show in April, 2004. During his monologue he discussed his hit show The Apprentice, extolled his greatness and introduced his stand in should he not be able to host his show due to pressing business matters. Darrell Hammond appeared, dressed identically to Trump, and did his best Trump impersonation.

Jimmy Fallon appeared as NBC president Jeff Zucker who introduced some truly awful new shows that NBC was feeling good about. Will Trump poke fun at himself this time around? Will he do sketches? We feel sure Taran Killam will show up as Trump this time. If you can't wait to see Trump host SNL, you can always follow him tonight on Twitter, @realDonaldTrump: he's promised to live tweet the Democratic debate on CNN.

You can watch Trump's 2004 monologue here:

Photo: NBC

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