SNL: Peter Dinklage and Leslie Jones are Naked and Afraid

Posted on April 3, 2016

Peter Dinklage hosted Saturday Night Live with Gwen Stefani as the musical guest. Dinklage is a great live performer and rolled with punches thrown at him by the writers. He even participated in this hilarious parody of the show Naked and Afraid. Peter and Leslie Jones starred in an episode of Naked and Afraid: Celebrity Edition.

Jones is totally happy to go au natural for the episode, while Peter is not so sure. Especially after Leslie keeps calling him "Tyrion" instead of Peter. Each of them was allowed to bring one survival item. Peter brought a fire starting kit. She brought hot sauce. "Don't start with me, Tyrion! " She complains that he is a vegetarian and that all they ate was leaves...with hot sauce on it. As for Peter, he wanted to know how there is not an open sexual harassment case against her (yes, she put the moves on him.)

Peter said he agreed to do the show to challenge himself. Leslie said when her agent asked her to do the show, she declared that she is Leslie Jones and is never afraid. It's amazing, but they did make it to the end, although Leslie's survival rating plunged for violating the drug policy and trying to eat her co-star. Take a look:

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