Taylor Swift Destroys Please Don't Destroy in Three Sad Virgins Music Video

Posted on November 16, 2021

The Please Don't Destroy comedy group has been making funny videos for SNL that include the great Rami Wants a Treat skit. On Saturday, Ben Marshall, John Higgins, and Martin Herlihy starred in a music video with Pete Davidson and Taylor Swift.

Sadly for Ben, John and Martin they were the butt of the joke in the music video called "Three Sad Virgins." Pete Davidson sang about how the PDD trio have no swag and they are "tall, and weird and sad." Pete even revealed some embarrassing intel from Martin's doctor.

Please Don't Destroy tried to switch the song to something current like Dune. Pete agreed and brought in sand and made a Dune worm reference in his lyrics, but he then brought it back to the three sad PDD virgins.

Then Taylor Swift arrived to help Pete with the chorus. She also had vocal jibes for PDD. She compared Ben to a featherless Big Bird said and Martin has the sex appeal of a scarecrow. John was mocked by Taylor for his "big-ass bowling ball head." Taylor's addition to the song was so contagious that Ben, John and Martin couldn't help but dance along.

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