Viral Videos

This section contains our coverage of interesting and popular viral videos.

Netflix Raises U.S. Subscription Prices (2019-01-15): Netflix has raised its subscription prices for U.S. subscribers. The video streaming service now charges $12.99 per month for the standard plan.

Tranquil Honey Harvest Video (2012-02-25): Here is a relaxing video about honey being harvested.

Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night Painting Animated (2012-02-13): Petros Vrellis created an interactive visualisation and synthesizer that animates Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night painting.

The Little Boat Animation (2011-09-20): Here is a cute animation about a little red boat called "Little Boat.

Giant Teddy Bear Faced Robot Designed to Lift Patients Into Wheelchairs (2011-08-02): If you get sick in the future - and need to be lifted off the floor and into a wheelchair - a large teddy bear faced robot may come to your aid.

Little Robot Uses Meetup to Find Friends (2011-05-19): Eric B.

Internet People 2 (2009-08-31): How many Internet celebrities do you know? This video was created as a sequel to Dan Meth's Internet People.

YouTube Goes Long (2008-10-10): YouTube has announced that it will begin playing full episodes of tv shows, not just clips.

2008 VMA Winners (2008-09-08): Here are the winners of the 2008 VMAs with links to the videos on YouTube.

Stephen King's N is Here (2008-08-08): A series of video episodes based on a Stephen King story debuted recently online.

iWash Girl Cleans Your iPhone (2008-03-12): This iWash girl named Stevie doesn't really clean your iPhone but how did she get in there?.

Kanye West: Flashing Lights (2008-02-18): A new video from Kanye West that shows a woman in lingerie committing a violent act on a person in the trunk of a car has raised eyebrows.

Leave the AMPTP Alone! (2007-11-15): Here is a new Writers Strike video from the Colbert Report writers and United Hollywood.

The Voices of Uncertainty Seem Awfully Certain About Web Profits (2007-11-13): The AMPTP says that the future of the Internet is just too uncertain for them to agree to share any revenues with the writers.

Zombies in Plain English (2007-10-26): It's almost Halloween.

Paris Hilton Grilled by Letterman (2007-10-01): Paris Hilton had a miserable time on the David Letterman Show.

Ahmadinejad and Samberg Find Love At Last (2007-09-30): No gays in Iran? Apparently, it's just not so.

Leave Chris Crocker Alone (2007-09-14): Actor Seth Green thinks everyone needs to leave Chris Crocker ALONE! This is a follow-up to the extremely popular Leave Britney Alone video from Chris Crocker.

Chris Crocker Begs Media to Leave Britney Alone (2007-09-12): Here is Chris Crocker's impassioned defense of Britney's VMA performance.

Man Continues Counting To One Million (2007-08-21): Jeremy Harper in Birmingham, Alabama has been counting to a million on a live web cam.
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