Viral Videos

This section contains our coverage of interesting and popular viral videos.

Baby Shark Launches Wash Your Hands Music Video (2020-03-27): Pinkfong has launched a new music video called Wash Your Hands with Baby Shark. It has the same doo doo doo doo doo earworm as the original.

Netflix Raises U.S. Subscription Prices (2019-01-15): Netflix has raised its subscription prices for U.S. subscribers. The video streaming service now charges $12.99 per month for the standard plan.

Zendaya Performs 100 Years of Beauty (2017-06-14): Zendaya covers the July 2017 issue of Vogue. She also performs the 100 Years of Beauty in a Vogue video.

Jude Law Stars in Prada Campaign (2017-05-02): Jude Law contemplates life while exploring sand dunes in the Prada Spring/Summer 2017 campaign.

Newborn Nigerian Dwarf Goats Wear Sweaters (2016-06-17): Newborn Nigerian Dwarf goats were cozy sweaters in this cute animal video.

Not Today, The Building is on Fire Song (2016-02-10): Not Today, The Building is on Fire song from The Gregory Brothers

Giant Inflatable Pumpkin Terrorizes Arizona Town (2015-10-31): An inflatable pumpkin can be seen rolling through the streets of a town in Arizona in this frightening Halloween video.

GoPro Camera Falls Into Rattlesnake Pit (2015-10-14): A snake den is not a good place to lose your GoPro camera. This one had lots of rattlesnakes in it.

Kim Kardashian Channels Audrey Hepburn and Marie Antoinette in Hype Energy Short Film (2015-07-30): Kim Kardashian channels Audrey Hepburn and Marie Antoinette in a short film from Hype Energy. Kim is the brand ambassador for the energy drink company.

Donatella Versace Takes the Ice Bucket Challenge and it is Amazing (2014-08-27): Donatella Versace knows how to do an ice bucket challenge. The water is poured from urns by two bare chested male models.

Clickhole Shares Silly Video That Makes a Good Point (2014-06-12): Clickhole shared this silly video with an alligator that spreads the message that racism is bad.

Swedish Showjumping Rabbits Compete in London (2014-05-17): Swedish showjumping rabbits will compete in an event in London. This video should definitely viral.

Colin Ferguson is the Maytag Man (2014-01-30): Colin Ferguson is the Maytag Man in a new series of commercials. He is a refrigerator, oven, dishwaser, washer and dryer and more.

Netflix Releases Fireplace For Your Home Trailer (2013-12-18): Netflix, which recently joined YouTube, has released a trailer for Fireplace For Your Home.

Family's Xmas Jammies Song Virals Around the Internet (2013-12-17): The Holderness family created a Christmas music video called Xmas Jammies and it is viraling around the Internet.

Oprah Winfrey Gives Harvard Commencement Address (2013-05-30): Oprah Winfrey gets honorary degree and gives commencement address at Harvard University

Fishmonger's One Pound Fish Song Garners Over 5 Million YouTube Views (2012-12-19): Muhammad Shahid Nazir sells fish at Queen's Market in East London.

Tranquil Honey Harvest Video (2012-02-25): Here is a relaxing video about honey being harvested.

Jon Counts to 100,000 in Video That is Over 74 Hours Long (2011-08-15): Here is a video for those of you who are really bored or who are having trouble sleeping.

Sarah Palin Dons Black Leather to Ride a Harley at Motorcycle Rally (2011-05-29): In the biggest WTF moment of the 2012 presidential campaign so far (and yes, we have a long way to go), former Alaskan governor Sarah Palin strapped on black leather pants, a black leather jacket and climbed aboard a Harley to kick off her tour which most believe heralds her entry into the presidential race.

Video: Lindsay Lohan Stars in Short Art Film by Richard Phillips (2011-05-28): Lindsay Lohan stars in this short film by Richard Phillips.

Chicken Tender Song (2011-04-16): Parry Gripp has made a cute song about hugging chickens. It is called the Chicken Tender song. It is not about consuming chickens.

Shiba Inu Puppy Cam Returns (2010-01-20): There is a new group of puppies to watch from the people who brought you the Shiba Inu Puppy Cam.

JibJab 2009 Year in Review Video (2009-12-29): Octomom, Balloon Boy and Tiger Woods and others are featured in JibJab's funny 2009 Year in Review video.

Filipino Inmates Make Michael Jackson Tribute (2009-06-27): A group of 1,500 Filipino prisoners made an amazing tribute to Michael Jackson with an impressive Thriller dance routine.