Here are the latest interesting entertainment videos to watch. See also viral videos.

Miles Teller to Star in Officer and a Gentleman Remake (2024-06-20): Miles Teller's movie career is looking good. He has reportedly been cast ass the lead in a modern update of An Officer and a Gentleman.

Video: Justin Timberlake in Handcuffs After DWI Charge (2024-06-20): Justin Timberlake can be seen in handcuffs following his arrest on a DWI charge. He allegedly told officers he had just one martini.

Cast of The Lion King Musical in Australia Sing Circle of Life During Flight (2014-04-06): The cast of The Lion King musical in Australia sang Circle of Life during a flight from Brisbane to Sydney.

Michelle Obama Dances With Vegetables (2014-02-27): Michelle Obama dances with vegetables in this clip from a Maryland daycare center.

Pentatonix Garners Tens of Millions of Views with Little Drummer Boy Video (2013-12-25): Pentatonix has garnered over 25 million YouTube views with its version of Little Drummer Boy.

Video: Ellen DeGeneres Sends Ellie Kemper to Help Wrap Presents at the Mall (2013-12-20): Ellen DeGeneres sent actress Ellie Kemper to help wrap presents at the mall.

Macaulay Culkin Eats a Slice of Pizza (2013-12-18): Here is a video of Macaulay Culkin eating a slice of pizza.

Jessie J Releases Thunder Music Video (2013-11-23): Jessie J has plenty of thunder and lightning in the music video for Thunder. The song is from her album, Alive.

Megatron Spotted Outside Universal Orlando Transformers Ride (2013-04-07): Megatron has been spooted outside the Transformers: The Ride 3D at Universal Orlando. These is a very impressive Megatron costume.

SNL Video: Getting Freaky With Cee Lo Green Starring Kenan Thompson (2011-11-06): In this Saturday Night Live skit Kenan Thompson impersonated Cee Lo Green who gives freaky advice from his basement.