SNL: Larry David is Bernie Sanders in the Spoof Bern Your Enthusiasm

Posted on February 7, 2016

Larry David hosted Saturday Night Live Larry David hosted Saturday Night Live last night and it was amazing. One of the best sketches was the spoof of Larrys HBO comedy Curb Your Enthusiasm. The video short imagines what it would be like if Bernie Sanders really is Larry David, as he jokingly declared during an interview with Anderson Cooper. In Bern Your Enthusiasm Sanders (Larry David) goes about his life in his normal, grumpy way. This leads to some disturbing results at the Iowa Caucus.

The video short was pitch perfect and had just about every character from the original show, played by SNL cast members. Jay Pharoah does a perfect impersonation of J.M. Smooze's character Leon. Cecily Strong and Bobby Moynihan did a great portrayal of the show's Jeff and Susie Greene.

It all starts at a rally when Bernie is shaking hands with the crowd. A woman (Leslie Jones) sneezes on her hand then puts it out to shake Bernie's hand. As a notorious germphobe, Bernie refuses to shake her hand, which leads some to question whether he is racist. He's not, of course, but as on the show his germphobia trumps everything else. Leon lights into Sanders after the incident saying, "I heard you didn't want to shake a black woman's hand. Listen, you need the black vote Bernie. You need to shake as many black women's hands as you can. I don't care if the hand has dookie on it. You shake that hand. You know why? You might get dookie on your hand, but you know what else you'll get? A damn vote."

Bernie gripes about there not being any whole milk for his coffee, refuses to help a women (Aidy Bryant) who needs her shoulder poppped back into place after a car accident "We don't do shoulders in Brooklyn!" he tells her.

By the end of the night it appears that the people he offended had a disproportionate outcome on the caucus results. It's absolutely hilarious and just reminds us of how much we want another season of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Take a look:

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