Drake Raps About His Anger at His SNL Co-Stars in Drake's Beef

Posted on May 15, 2016

Drake was the host and musical guest on Saturday Night Live and turned in an excellent performance. In this sketchDrake plays himself during his week at SNL in which he tries to fit in with the cast, but things don't go so well. They tease him for not knowing how to use a TV remote wanting to know if they have televisions in Canada. On the outside, Drake doesn't react, but inside he's seething.

And when Drake seethes, Drake raps. Leslie Jones doesn't say hello to him in the hall and things get worse from there. After each slight -- real or imagined -- he breaks into an angry rap about the injustice he's just been subjected to, like when Aidy Bryant moved his hat to sit in a chair or when the cleaning lady takes a water that he wasn't finished drinking. His fury at having no hat and no water are something to behold. The anger in the raps increases as he imagines slights where they don't exist.

But the most hilarious rap is the one after Lorne Michaels tells him what a good job he's doing on the show. That's not enough for Drake who raps, "Good job, that's it? I'm doing great, you Bitch!/Say that again to my face and you can suck my $%#@!"

Drake really commits to the anger and the intense raps about absolutely nothing are hilarious. The bit is very funny, especially given Drake's generally calm, laid back demeanor. Take a look:

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