SNL: Peter Dinklage and Gwen Stefani Sing About Space Pants

Posted on April 3, 2016

Peter Dinklage did a great job hosting Saturday Night Live. He was naked and afraid in the wilderness, he played Winnie the Pooh and he even gave us a peek behind the scenes of Game of Thrones. But his funniest performance of the night was actually in a sketch called "Mafia Meeting," but which should have been called "Space Pants."

A mafioso (Bobby Moynihan) and his henchman (Beck Bennett) are having a serious meeting in which they are threatening two dead beats (Pete Davidson and Jon Rudnitsky). They meeting gets interrupted when the new act at the lounge shows up. Peter Dinklage arrives in a platinum blond wig, solar system pants and announces, "I'm Jonathon Comets and this song is called "Space Pants!"

Then he launches into a Devo like song about his space pants, which are actually kind of amazing. His lyrics go, "Look at my pants/With the eyes in your face!/My legs are covered/In outer space/Space pants!/Space pants!/I am wearing/Space pants!"

But the lyrics get even better: "My pants are Space Pants!/Do you you see my pants?/ No wait, you missed them!/My pants are a tour of the solar system!/When I say Space, you say Pants!!

Later he was joined by Gwen Stefani who was wearing a pair of space shorts. She then launches into a rap about her space shorts (from a galaxy, far, far away), which she wears with thigh high boots and fishnets. Of course on her they look amazing. As for Dinklage, he really sells it and never breaks even once. Space Pants!

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