SNL Promos: Larry David and Leslie Jones Squabble

Posted on February 5, 2016

Larry David is hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend with musical guest The 1975. Bernie teamed up with Leslie Jones to some promos for the show. But they ran into some problems because Larry is not really into the whole promo thing.

Larry opened by telling us that he's hosting the show Saturday night and who the musical guest is. Then he added, "But you don't have to watch. Don't worry about it. If you have something else to do Honest to God, go ahead and do it. It's not a big deal." This horrified Jones who informed him that it is extremely important that the viewers watch the show. But Larry wasn't buying it, telling her, "What's the difference if they watch or not? The show has been on for 40 years. Who cares, really?"

In another promo Larry wanted to know why Leslie wasn't flirting with him, asking isn't it her thing to flirt with the male hosts? She said yes it is, but she just wasn't feeling Larry. He's too old. That triggered a very funny outraged riff by Larry.

It should be a great episode. We love Larry David and he's sure to pull out his uncanny Bernie Sanders impersonation. And what's even better? Bernie Sanders himself is set to appear, according to his campaign manager. We can't wait to see that. Take a look:

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