Romance Movie/TV News: Page 2

This is page 2 of the romance movie/tv news from Watchers Watch

Farewell to The L-Word (2008-03-10): The L Word is coming to an end.

Enchanted Tops the Box Office (2007-11-25): Disney's new film Enchanted laid a spell on moviegoers over the holiday weekend.

Sex in the City: The Movie is Filming Now (2007-09-19): The first stills are out from the set of the new Sex and the City movie.

Mormons Have No Love for Big Love (2006-03-13): HBO just loves to get a rise out of people.

Brokeback Wins Four Bafta Awards (2006-02-21): The winners of the Orange British Academy Film Awards (also known as the Baftas) have been announced.

Blogosphere Shows Brokeback Ahead in Blog Buzz (2006-02-08): A graph of the five Oscar nominated films for Best Picture shows that Brokeback Mountain clearly has the lead over the rest of the nominees.

Brokeback Mountain Leads Globes Nominees (2005-12-15): The BBC has a news story about the Golden Globes nominations.

The Iranian Police and the Alluring Mannequins (2005-11-01): The Morals Police (and that's not a joke, that's really what they do) in Iran have decided that plastic mannequins are "too alluring" and are forbidden.
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