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This is page 2 of the war movie/tv news from Watchers Watch

300 Rules the Box Office Once Again (2007-03-19): For the second week in a row, 300 ruled the box office, taking in another $32,877,328.

300 Rules the Box Office (2007-03-13): The cgi gorefest The 300 easily won the weekend box office this past weekend making $70,885,301.

U.S. Military Critical of Torture Scenes in 24 (2007-02-13): The Independent Online is reporting that the US military is not happy with the way Fox's hit show 24 is portraying torture.

Storm Clouds Send Jericho Residents Underground (2006-09-28): Jericho improved in episode #2 even though the overall premise got more depressing.

Post-Apocalyptic Jericho Series Depresses Everyone (2006-09-20): Jericho is a new series from CBS about people living in a small town in Kansas who see a nuclear explosion off in the distance.

Army Warns That HBO's Baghdad ER Is Really Graphic (2006-05-16): The new HBO Iraq War documentary, Baghdad ER, has prompted the U.

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