War Movies and TV Shows

Dunkirk Tops Emoji Movie to Win Box Office for Second Straight Weekend (2017-07-30): Dunkirk is the top movie in theaters for a second straight weekend after defeating The Emoji Movie.

Jonah Hill and Miles Teller Are Arms Dealers in the Comedy War Dogs (2016-03-28): Jonah Hill and Miles Teller star in the comedy War Dogs, which is based on the true story of two stoners who landed a $300 Pentagon contract to supply arms to Afghanistan.

John Krasinski Stars in Michael Bay's New Benghazi Movie (2015-07-31): John Kraskinski is leaving The Office behind for a star turn as a heroic Navy SEAL in Michael Bay's 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi.

American Sniper Dominates Box Office While Mortdecai Flops (2015-01-25): American Sniper has a record breaking second weekend in theaters. However, Mortdecai totally failed.

Bradley Cooper is Navy SEAL Chris Kyle in American Sniper Teaser Trailer (2014-10-03): Bradley Cooper stars in the first teaser trailer for American Sniper, the true story of America's most decorated sniper. The Navy SEAL was called Legend by his comrades.

Trailer for Fourth Season of Homeland Starring Claire Danes and Rupert Friend (2014-07-19): Showtime released the first teaser trailer for season 4 of Homeland, starring Claire Danes and Rupert Friend.

Trailer for The Liberator Starring Edgar Ramirez (2014-06-13): Edgar Ramirez stars as military leader Simon Bolivar in a sweeping biopic directed by Alberto Arvelo.

PBS and Windfall Films Announce D-Day 360 (2014-04-27): PBS and Windfall Films have announced D-Day 360, which honors the 70th anniversary of the historic event.

Showtime Puts Full Homeland Pilot, Starring Claire Danes, on YouTube (2011-09-18): Showtime is offering the full pilot to its new terrorism series, Homeland, on YouTube and on its website.

Hurt Locker Wins Most Oscars, Including Best Picture (2010-03-08): The Hurt Locker dominated the Oscars last night.

History Chanel Channels 300 With Graphic New Battle Series (2009-03-06): The History Channel is going all out for its upcoming documentary feature called Battles BC.

British Company Ready for the War Against Robots (2008-10-29): A British company named War Defense is ready for the battle against evil robots.

Ridley Scott Acquires Film Rights to The Forever War (2008-10-15): Boing Boing reports that Ridely Scott has acquired the film rights to Joe Haldeman's Hugo and Nebula Award winning novel, The Forever War.

John Cusack Talks War, Inc. (2008-04-28): John Cusack talks about his new film, War, Inc.

Jericho Show Saved With Nuts (2008-01-24): Last year Jericho fans were extremely upset to hear that their post-Apocalyptic drama had been cancelled.

Reviewers Hate September Dawn Movie (2008-01-16): Black Diamond Pictures has released a controversial film called September Dawn on DVD.

Robert Redford to Direct Film Based on Richard Clarke's Memoir (2007-09-27): The Hollywood Reporter reports that Robert Redford will be directing a film based on Richard A.

Tom Cruise is Claus von Stauffenberg (2007-07-26): Well, this is downright eerie.

Amid Controversy Tom Cruise Begins Filming Valkyrie (2007-07-19): Despite extreme unhappiness from certain quarters in Germany, Cruise is going forward with filming his World War II movie, Valkyrie, in which he plays a Nazi who tried to assassinate Hitler.

Tom Cruise vs. Germany: It's a Tie Game (2007-07-03): For those of you keeping score, Germany appears to be ahead in the ongoing match between the former Weimar Republic and Scientologist Tom Cruise.

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