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This is page 3 of the awards coverage from Watchers Watch

2009 Razzies Nominations (2009-01-21): Here's a list of this year's Razzie nominees for films made in 2008.

Golden Globes Winners: Slumdog, 30 Rock, Heath Ledger (2009-01-12): It was another big night for Slumdog Millionaire.

Perez Hilton Announces the Perezzie Awards (2008-12-21): Perez Hilton has announced the winners for his first annual Perezzies Awards for the Best in Hollywood as voted on by his readers.

2008 Mythopoeic Award Winners Announced (2008-09-02): The Mythopoeic Society has announced the winners for the 2008 Mythopoeic Awards.

Golden Compass Team Wins Best Visual Effects Oscar (2008-02-25): Trevor Wood, Ben Morris, Bill Westenhofer, and Michael Fink won the Best Achievement in Visual Effects Oscar for their work on The Golden Compass.

2008 Razzie Award Winners Dominated by Lindsay Lohan (2008-02-23): The Razzie winners for 2008 are in.

Oscars President Wants Answer From WGA About Telecast (2008-02-07): The Oscars bigwigs are putting pressure on the Writers Guild to give them an answer about whether the show will go on.

2008 Philip K. Dick Award Finalists (2008-01-08): The finalists for the 2008 Philip K.

Golden Globes Seeking Deal With WGA (2008-01-02): The Hollywood Foreign Press Association is trying to work out a deal with the Writers Guild that wold allow the Golden Globes ceremony to proceed without picketing, but with its comedy writers and its A-List actors.

2007 Golden Globe Nominations Announced (2007-12-14): The Golden Globes nominations were announced and there were plenty of snubs -- especially for shows such as Heroes and Lost.

Jon Stewart to Host 80th Academy Awards (2007-09-14): Longtime producer Gil Cates announed that Jon Stewart has been chosen to reprise his stint as host of the Oscars.

Ang Lee Wins Golden Lion (2007-09-08): Ang Lee has won the prestigious Golden Lion for best picture at the Venice film festival today.

2007 Oscar Winners List (2007-02-26): Here is the list of the Oscar award winners for the 79th annual Academy Awards.

Basic Instinct 2 Takes Home Four Razzies (2007-02-25): As we predicted earlier, Basic Instinct 2 has dominated this year's Razzie Awards -- the awards given for the worst film making and the worst acting.

Oscar Telecast Spoilers (2007-02-23): Nikki Finke has eight major spoilers about Sunday's Oscar telecast.

The 2006 Razzie Award Nominations (2007-02-19): Everyone is feeling the Oscar buzz these days as the big award night draws closer but for comic relief it is always worth taking a look at the nominations for the Razzies.

Oscar Nominations Full of Snubs and Slights (2007-01-25): The nominations for the 79th Annual Academy Awards were announced this week and -- as usual -- there are some obvious snubs and slights.

64th Annual Golden Globe Winners (2007-01-16): The winners of the 64th annual Golden Globes. Babel won Best Picture. Helen Mirren and Forest Whitaker were named Best Actor.

Conan Rocked the Emmys (2006-08-30): Conan rocked the 2006 Emmys. It included a hilarious opening film which has Conan crash landing on a desert island,

Mission: Impossible III Wins Best Movie Trailer Award (2006-06-15): The winners of the Best Movie Trailers have been announced.
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