Conan Rocked the Emmys

Posted on August 30, 2006

Photo of Conan O'Brien on the Emmys In case you missed the Emmys (or just want to see what all the fuss was about) here's the link (no longer available) to the video of Conan O'Brien's hilarious opening film which has Conan crash landing on a desert island, then wandering through the sets of various hit shows, including Lost (where Conan suddenly has the most amazing abs), 24 (where he interrupts a serious mission where millions might die if Jack Bauer doesn't get through to the president immediatley), House (where he's insultingly diagnosed by the doc himself), Dateline (where Conan is mistaken for a child predator) and South Park (where he meets Tom Cruise who refuses to come out of the closet).

The skit was obviously filmed far in advance of the broadcast with Conan flying to Hawaii to shoot on the Lost set. It had nothing to do with the tragic plane crash in Kentucky, which was a small commuter plane that never even got airborne. NBC apolgized all over the place, but we think it was a tempest in a teapot. Conan was hilarious: and his Music Man song and dance number was just too funny. He needs to be invited back next year.

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