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Lost was a popular drama science fiction series that aired on ABC. Here you will find the coverage of Lost from Watchers Watch:

Farewell to Lost at Scream Awards: A replica of the crashed plane that was lit of fire on the 2010 Scream Awards. (2010-10-19)

Epic Fail: ABC Admits it Added Plane Crash Image to Credits of Lost Finale: We've been puzzled all week as to why some Lost fans thought that the entire cast died during the original plane crash and that the entire series was a dream. (2010-05-26)

Lost Finale: What It All Means: ***If you haven't seen the Lost finale and read this spoiler filled post, well, we really have no sympathy for you. (2010-05-24)

Lost's Nestor Carbonell Addresses the Guyliner Rumors: We love the show Lost. (2009-01-30)

Lost and the Creepy Cabin: So, how amazing was Lost last night? We got the story of John Locke's childhood and the parallels to Ben's life were eerie. (2008-05-09)

The Secrets of Benjamin Linus: Kristin of Watch With Kristin at E! has a fantastic interview with Michael Emerson who plays the complex and utterly fascinating Benjamin Linus on Lost. (2008-04-26)

Lost Returns in Late April: Lost will return to TV screens on April 24th and will wrap up the current season with five new episodes. (2008-03-25)

Lost: The Orchid Orientation Video: Entertainment Weekly analyzes the mysterious (and hilarious, if you ask us) new video from the producers of Lost which purports to be a long-lost Dharma Initiative orientation video. (2007-08-14)

Review of Lost Episode 11: Enter 77: Last night's Lost was just amazing. (2007-03-08)

Jack's Future On Lost: [Note: many Lost spoilers ahead] It appears that Matthew Fox is a big liar: Kristin of E!'s Watch With Kristin reveals that Jack is not going to be killed off anytime soon -- despite the fact that Fox told E! that his character was killed off. (2007-01-11)

Will J.J. Abrams Kill Off Jack?: E! Online's Watch with Kristen speculates as to whether J. (2006-11-24)

Mr. Eko Meets His Fate: The surprise demise of Mr. (2006-11-03)

Lost Premiere: Gripping But Way Too Short: J. (2006-10-05)

Conan Rocked the Emmys: Conan rocked the 2006 Emmys. It included a hilarious opening film which has Conan crash landing on a desert island, (2006-08-30)

Lost Returns in October: In a change from its original plan, ABC has announced that it will begin the new season of Lost in October, show a number of episodes without breaks, then do a long break over the holid (2006-08-09)

ABC's Lost Gamble: No New Episodes Until 2007: ABC just announced that there will be no Lost until 2007. (2006-07-20)

Michelle Rodriguez Catches A Break: Michelle Rodriguez served only a few hours of her sentence because of overcrowding. Lucky break. (2006-05-31)

Eagerly Awaiting The Lost Finale: The Lost 2 hour season finale is on tonight and we can't wait! So, what mysteries will be revealed? TV Guide's Ask Ausiello gives a few hints: Carlton Cuse also said that Claire's memory has now fully returned. (2006-05-24)