Review of Lost Episode 11: Enter 77

Posted on March 8, 2007

Photo of McPatchy from Lost[Spoilers Ahead for Episode 11, "Enter 77"]

Last night's Lost was just amazing. We loved it. Sawyer played ping pong to get all his belongings back, but got worked by Hurley's mad ping pong skills. Locke, Rousseau, Sayid and Kate went off to rescue Jack, but ran into the Flame Station, which is manned by a Russian guy named Mikhail. Jen Chaney over at the Washington Post has dubbed Mikhail "McPatchy" and from henceforth, he shall be referred to as such.

So, McPatchy shoots Sayid, then pretends to be the last survivng member of the Dharma Initiative. But Sayid's not buying it and violence ensues. This was a really intriguing episode. Sayid's flashback to his time as a chef in Paris was most enlightening. It seemed clear that he only confessed to torturing the woman who kidnapped him to make her feel better and to assuage his guilt over past acts. After all, in a previous episode Sayid refused to torture a woman named Nadia, whom he let escape. Nadia was also the name of the cat owned by McPatchy. And, speaking of that cat -- it was clearly the same cat as the one used in the Paris flashback scene.

We couldn't believe that Locke blew up another hatch. That's it -- he's officially banned from any more data entry on computers. The man is just obsessed. But, you know, in a good way. So what will happen next? We have no idea, but are thrilled that the show has been so great lately.

Photo: ABC

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