Will J.J. Abrams Kill Off Jack?

Posted on November 24, 2006

Photo of Jack from Lost

E! Online's Watch with Kristen speculates as to whether J.J. Abrams is going to kill off Jack when Lost returns in February.

So, since I've never been one for patience, I went to the loveable genius of a producer himself to get the word on these Jack-out (I nearly typed something else) rumors. And, tubers, I hope you're sitting down. 'Cause here's what Lindelof tells me exclusively:

"This is the most insane rumor regarding Lost to date. The fact that you think we might do it is incredibly flattering."

Now, if you're like me, your heart leaped, then sank, upon hearing these words. While it might seem a denial at first-oh, dear friends, how it is not. To the contrary, Lindelof finds the idea that they'd be brave enough to kill off our fearless, Other-defying leader (gasp!) flattering.

All I can say is: Run, Jack, run for your liiife!

Yes, Kristen, you are crazy, girl! Killing off Jack would be a disaster only matched by killing off Sawyer. And stop trying to rationalize it.

Say it with us now: It. Would. Not. Be. A. Good. Thing. At. All. In fact, if Abrams kills off Jack, the show will jump the shark immediately (some people say it already has, but we don't agree). So don't even think it!

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