Eagerly Awaiting The Lost Finale

Posted on May 24, 2006

Photo of Lost finaleThe Lost 2 hour season finale is on tonight and we can't wait! So, what mysteries will be revealed? TV Guide's Ask Ausiello gives a few hints:
At ABC's upfront bash last week, I cornered Carlton Cuse and politely demanded that he cough up "The Challah" at once. "It launches what we are going to be doing in Season 3," he said of the top-secret cliff-hanger, "and I think it will give the audience a good idea where the show will be going next season. This season was really about the hatch, and when you see 'The Challah,' it'll really give you a sense of what the next chapter of the show is all about."

Question: What are the chances that Ana Lucia will appear in other castaways' flashbacks next season on Lost?

Ausiello: Slim to none, according to Carlton. "Never say never, but we feel like we told her story," he reveals. "Her arc had a beginning, middle and an end." Sort of like Michelle Rodriguez's rap sheet, minus the end part.

Question: Will we ever find out the fate of Cindy the Disappearing Flight Attendant on Lost?

Ausiello: I asked Carlton that as well. "Yes," he says, "you will find out what happened to Cindy."

Carlton Cuse also said that Claire's memory has now fully returned. But he didn't explain much of anything else. Supposedly we'll find out why Oceanic Flight 815 crashed and the Michael/Walt storyline will be resolved. We're more interested in where Desmond is and why punching that button is important to the rest of the world. Remember Cuse's "butterfly effect" comment? It's driving us crazy.

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