Lost: The Orchid Orientation Video

Posted on August 14, 2007

Screencap of Lost Orchid Orientation Video

Entertainment Weekly analyzes the mysterious (and hilarious, if you ask us) new video from the producers of Lost which purports to be a long-lost Dharma Initiative orientation video.

EW says, "At one point, we see Dr. Halowax holding a white rabbit with the number 15 inked on its side - and then, suddenly, unexpectedly, another bunny with the number 15 inked on its side appears behind him. Halowax starts to panic. He clutches Number 15 (No. 1) tightly to his chest, desperate to make sure that the twin bunnies don't share the same space. Then he demands that the cameraman stop filming."

The Orchid orientation video, with the mysterious replicating bunny can be seen below. So what in the world is going on? This video just raises so many more questions. Why is Dr. Candle pretending to be Dr. Halowax? Why can't the bunnies occupy the same space/time? Is one an anti-bunny that will cause a massive explosion if it touches the bunny? Is there time travel involved? What happened to The Orchid station, anyway? We can only hope that Dr. Candle is still alive on that island, somewhere and that he's sane enough to give some explanations of what in the world he was up to.

Photo: ABC

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