Jack's Future On Lost

Posted on January 11, 2007

[Note: many Lost spoilers ahead]

It appears that Matthew Fox is a big liar: Kristin of E!'s Watch With Kristin reveals that Jack is not going to be killed off anytime soon -- despite the fact that Fox told E! that his character was killed off. He was just messing with our heads. [many spoilers ahead].

I just received definitive word that Matthew Fox is not being killed off of Lost, despite rampant rumors that his days on the show were numbered. Rumors that were perpetuated by Matthew himself, when he told our E! crew flat out that he was "not on the show anymore. They killed me off."

Little bugger. I have half a mind to continue to watch and support your show. You just watch me. I will.

I know how rarely we get any definitive answers on this show that we all obsess over and adore (and lose our sanity for), so I wanted to give you that very straight piece of information, that Matthew Fox will be staying, and subsequently, the producers have not lost their minds.

She also says Rodrigo Santoro will be the next to go after we first see more of his character.

We'd be mad at Matthew Fox for being so naughty, but we're so happy they're not killing off Jack that we're not really mad at all. And since Rodrigo Santoro has had like three lines on the show so far, it's hard to get all worked up about his possible demise.

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