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Andrew Garfield Stars in Mel Gibson's WWII Film Hacksaw Ridge (2016-07-29): Andrew Garfield and Vince Vaughn star in Mel Gibson's WWII drama Hacksaw Ridge, based on the true story of American hero Desmond Doss.

Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling Dance on Air in First La La Land Trailer (2016-07-13): Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling literally dance on air in the gorgeous teaser trailer for La La Land.

Daniel Radcliffe Goes Undercover as a Neo Nazi in Imperium Trailer (2016-07-10): Daniel Radcliffe plays a young FBI agent who goes undercover with white supremacists in the first trailer for Imperium.

Tom Hanks Stars as Hero Pilot in First Trailer for Sully (2016-06-30): Tom Hanks stars in the Clint Eastwood film Sully, the biopic about Captain Chesley

Nate Parker and Armie Hammer Star in Trailer for The Birth of a Nation (2016-06-21): Nate Parker's The Birth of a Nation gets a full trailer. The story of the slave rebellion led by Nat Turner hits theaters in October.

Kicks Trailer Features Jahking Guillory On a Mission to Retrieve His Air Jordans (2016-06-13): Jahking Guillorystars in the trailer for the highly buzzed indie film Kicks. He and his friends are on a dangerous mission to get back his beloved Air Jordans, stolen by a thug.

Chris Pine and Ben Foster are Bank Robbers in Trailer for Hell or High Water (2016-05-20): Chris Pine and Ben Foster play brothers who decide to rob banks to save their farm from foreclosure in the trailer for Hell or High Water.

Anna Gunn is a She Wolf of Wall Street in First Equity Trailer (2016-05-19): Anna Gunn stars in the film that's been dubbed The She-Wolves of Wall Street. She certainly gives her male co-workers a run for their money in the first trailer.

Dakota Johnson, Tilda Swinton and Ralph Fiennes Star in A Bigger Splash (2016-05-06): Tilda Swinton, Dakota Johnson and Ralph Fiennes star in the trailer for A Bigger Splash, a remake of the french film La Piscine. Drama and danger explode on an idyllic island.

Michael Keaton is Ray Kroc in the Trailer for The Founder (2016-04-25): Michael Keaton plays the legendary Ray Kroc in the first trailer for The Founder. Hamburger chain McDonald's gets The Social Network treatment in this new film.

Jack Huston and Morgan Freeman Star in First Ben-Hur Trailer (2016-03-17): Jack Huston tries to fill Charlton Huston's sandals in the first trailer for the Ben-Hur remake. Timur Bekmambetov directs and Morgan Freeman co-stars.

Tom Hardy Gets Dangerous in FX's Upcoming Series Taboo (2016-02-26): Tom Hardy is a dangerous man in Ridley Scott's new FX tv series Taboo. The series also stars Jonathan Price and Oona Chaplin.

Trailer for Season 4 of House of Cards (2016-02-10): The trailer for season four of House of Cards is out and it's jam packed with intrigue, violence and mystery.

Tom Hiddleston is Hank Williams in Trailer for I Saw The Light (2015-12-02): Tom Hiddleston sings country music in the trailer for I Saw the Light. He plays country legend Hank Williams. Elizabeth Olsen plays his wife Audrey Mae.

Body Trailer Brings Dark Thrills to Christmas Movie Scene (2015-11-16): Three woman make some terrible decisions on Christmas Eve in the dark thriller Body. Helen Rogers, Alexandra Turshen and Lauren Molina star.

Johnny Depp Returns as the Mad Hatter in Alice Through the Looking Glass (2015-11-05): Mia Wasikowski is Alice and Johnny Depp is the Mad Hatter in the trailer for Alice Through the Looking Glass. They must battle Time, played by Sacha Baron Cohen.

For Prim Trailer Shows the Bond Between Katniss and Primrose Everdeen (2015-09-16): New trailer for The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2 shows the enduring love between sisters Katniss and Prim Everdeen.

Sarah Silverman is a Drug Addicted Housewife in I Smile Back Trailer (2015-09-13): Sarah Silverman stars as a wealthy New Jersey housewife who sinks into drugs and alcohol in the trailer for I Smile Back which is based on the novel by Alice Koppelman.

Sandra Bullock and Billy Bob Thornton are Rival Political Strategists in Our Brand is Crisis (2015-09-09): Sandra Bullock and Billy Bob Thornton star in the first trailer for Our Brand is Crisis. The two political fixers are hired by opposing Bolivian political campaigns.

Carey Mulligan and Meryl Streep Fight for the Right to Vote in Suffragette (2015-09-06): Carey Mulligan, Meryl Streep and Helena Bonham Carter star in the first trailer for Suffragette, which tells of the story of British women's fight to be able to vote.

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