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K-Fed Superbowl Ad Infuiates Restaurant Industry (2007-01-24): Kevin Federline's new ad which will run during the Superbowl has absolutely infuriated the fast food industry, which claims that the ad makes fun of people who flip burgers for a living.

Have a Coke in the Morning (2007-01-16): More Americans than ever are having a Coke or other carbonated beverage in the mornings instead of coffee.

The Horrors of Kraft Guacamole Dip (2006-11-30): A woman is suing Kraft Foods, Inc.

KFC Logo Launch in Area 51 (2006-11-15): KFC has now built the first fast food chain logo that will be actually visible from space.

Big Boy Look Alike Contest Winner Announced (2006-10-10): 11-year-old Ian Appold of Bay City, Michigan has won the Big Boy look-alike contest.

No McDonald's For Moses Martin (2006-09-25): Little Moses Martin will not be enjoying Mickey D's anytime soon if mom Gwyneth Paltrow has anything to say about it.

Junk Food Diet Helped Man Live to be 112 (2006-09-02): A California man lived to the ripe old age of 112 while living on a fun diet of junk food his entire life.

Grilling Out To Impress (2006-05-29): In an article entitled "Pimp My Grill", The New York Times delves into the latest suburban obsession: having a bigger and better grill than the guy next door.

Creepy Cupcakes for Hoffa Search (2006-05-27): FBI agents are searching for Jimmy Hoffa's remains in Milford Township and a local company baked creepy Hoffa cupcakes. The FBI agents bought some.

Georgia Upset Over Alabama's Plans to Adopt the Peach (2006-02-24): The BBC reports that Alabama is close to adopting the peach as its official state fruit tree.

The Great Mac and Cheese Debate (2006-01-14): As we were perusing The New York Times last week, we ran across an investigative, in-depth article about how to make the best homemade macaroni and cheese.

Mariah Carey's Eating Habits Revealed (2006-01-03): Cindy Adams of The New York Post examines the backstage eating habits of superstar Mariah Carey.

Archeologists Find 4,000 Year Old Noodles (2005-10-18): You know we're a sucker for a good noodle story, so this one about scientists digging up 4,000 year old noodles was bound to catch our eye.

Martha Stewart and the Desperate Housewife (2005-09-13): She's back! Martha Stewart has done her time and is back on TV, with not one but two new shows.

We Celebrate National Sandwich Month (2005-08-08): Apparently, we've managed to go an entire week without realizing that it's National Sandwich Month.

Instant Ramen Inventor Achieves Lifelong Dream: Space Noodles (2005-07-30): Momofuku Ando, the inventor of the popular instant ramen noodles and founder of Nissin Food, achieved his lifelong dream earlier this week when the Discovery space shuttle >successfully blasted into space carrying some high-tech space noodles.

Crying While Eating Site Explained (2005-06-26): Daniel Engber, a New York writer, explains how he created the Internet hit website Crying While Eating in this confessional piece on Slate.

The Powerful Spell of Grapefruit (2005-06-21): A new study has found that men under the powerful spell of grapefruit aroma think the women around them are six years younger than they actually are.

The 227 lb. Chocolate Elton John (2005-06-17): Well, here's something you don't see every day: a 227-lb.

Counterfeit Stamps End Subway Promotion (2005-06-03): Some people will do anything to stay on the Subway diet, short of actually paying for a sub.
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