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Ashrita Furman Has More Guinness World Records Than Anyone (2012-08-12): Ashrita Furman has more world records than anyone, including the Guinness World Record for holding the most world records.

Man Eats Ghost Pepper, Suffers (2012-04-23): Another guy, another super hot pepper.

Crazy Giga Pudding Commercial (2010-10-15): Here is a funny Japanese commercial for Giga Pudding from Takara Tomy.

Batman Robs Taco Bell (2010-08-18): A Batman robbed a Taco Bell.

Fanta Seeks Fourth Fantana Member (2010-06-11): Last summer, Fanta reintroduced The Fantanas - Summer, Melody and Isabela - as the brand's ambassadors of fun.

Slow Motion Video Shows People Being Hit With Cupcakes From Cupcake Cannon (2010-05-07): People are shot in the face with cupcakes shot by a cupcake cannon in this video.

Actor Michael Cera Eats Pizza Near JWoww (2010-01-04): Actor Michael Cera was caughting eating pizza in the same room with Jenni Woww, one of the cast members from the heavily criticized MTV reality series, Jersey Shore.

Miley Cyrus Enjoys Pizza and Pasta in Rome (2009-04-20): Miley Cyrus is in Rome eating pizza and pasta.

Ashley Tisdale Explains Marshmallow Peeps (2009-04-12): Ashley Tisdale was talking to ITN about how she loves getting candy for Easter even though she isn't a big fan of candy.

Huge Cheese Block Carved Into Statue of Liberty (2008-08-26): Champion cheese carver Troy Landwehr transforms a 1200 pound block of cheddar cheese into the Statue of Liberty.

KFC's Colonel Sanders Visits Hell, Michigan (2008-06-30): Did you know there is a Hell, Michigan? There is although it isn't really all that hot compared to some parts of the U.

Latte Art Printing Machine (2008-06-11): The video shows a cool latte art printing machine.

Life and Death of Ice Cream (2007-12-26): This video shows ice cream, popsicles, cakes, sandwiches, sundaes, bars, cones, and ices melting and reforming.

Anthony Bourdain Loves the Holidays (2007-09-17): Rolling Stone reports on what is surely going to be the weirdest holiday special ever.

The Food Network's Next Stars? (2007-07-04): In between firing up the grill, entertaining relatives and getting ready for fireworks festivities, we kept sneaking peeks at a reality show that we've become quite addicted to: The Next Food Network Star, where people compete to get their own show on The Food Network.

Aussies Love Cat Poo Coffee (2007-05-21): Reuters reports that Australians love a new imported coffee called Kopi Luwak.

Incredibly Hot Chili Pepper Discovered (2007-02-26): The Associated Press reports that a man named Paul Bosland has discovered the hottest chili pepper in the world.

K-Fed Superbowl Ad Infuiates Restaurant Industry (2007-01-24): Kevin Federline's new ad which will run during the Superbowl has absolutely infuriated the fast food industry, which claims that the ad makes fun of people who flip burgers for a living.

The Horrors of Kraft Guacamole Dip (2006-11-30): A woman is suing Kraft Foods, Inc.

KFC Logo Launch in Area 51 (2006-11-15): KFC has now built the first fast food chain logo that will be actually visible from space.
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